Thursday, April 19, 2018


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May the angels have mercy on my soul tonight,
the longing, a palpable ache in the depths of my being,
a sorrow draping itself over everything I see, drawing images of you beside me, here, where I am,
conversations playing off in my mind, so tantalisingly real my lips form a grin of pleasure,
my shoulders draw back in anticipation of your touch, presented for you, inviting you in,
your breath a song of love and desire, singing to the highest heaven of the joy you give to me,
satisfy my unspoken needs, my eyes alive, your hands ravaging my body,
I am a tool in your hands, play with me to your heart’s desire.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I am angry

picture source: myself, for not saying what I think, what I feel, what I know, for censoring everything I do to please others, for being what society wants me to be, for the injustices in the world, the labels, the seekers of labels, the ignorant, I am angry at the world for creating all these broken people, I am angry for feeling broken myself, I am angry for all my stupid deeds, and I am tired of being tired, tired of feeling purposeless, aimless wandering through each day, I am angry at being judged, at every doubt I feed myself, for every time I step back instead of smashing through the barrier of control imposed by other people, I’m angry at the passage of time, at my traitorous heart, my sinful flesh, I am angry for accepting every hurt along the way which brought me to this point, I am angry ‘cause you do not even try to listen to me, that you dispel harmony and pleasure with criticism, doubt, ignorance and your own fears, I have something to offer, I have something to contribute, I am good enough, I am worthy of respect and love, and if you don’t trust me, that is fine, trust is earned after all, not given.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We are all just slaves

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We are all just slaves,
slaves to our fathers, our lovers, to society,
slaves to rules not ours to own
but nonetheless accepted, without resistance or question.

We are enslaved by our routines, our jobs, laws, thieves,
we are locked behind high walls and separation,
behind ‘should’, behind a label, behind the responsibilities we bear,
we latch onto our most prized possessions in fear it will be taken,
but it’s already gone since we’re the ones denying ourselves its joy.

We’ve been beaten, good and solid, we are enslaved by our own fear,
too afraid to dare, too afraid to take a stand, too afraid to say what we think,
we are slaves because we wouldn’t know what to do with freedom if we had it.

We are slaves because we believe what we are told by our masters
whom we outnumber ten thousand to one?
Yes, we are slaves because we believe every unsubstantiated threat,
comfortable in the straightjackets handed to us at birth,
and as slaves we will die running on a treadmill of another’s creation, for another’s gain.

Is that the legacy you want to leave behind? Do you not feel even a little angry?
I will not pass silently over this land, nor hand my children into slavery,
somewhere, this has to stop, why not here, why not now?

Sunday, March 25, 2018


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Wish the shadows onto your brother,
and they will surely consume your soul,
so too your dreams can catch another,
colour them in, give them life, they’re yours to own.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Daydreams and Wishes

I look across the rolling silver-blue expanse of the ocean melting into the clouds,
feel raindrops, the finest mist, touching my skin, fresh air and the smoke of a wood fire mingle
and it’s now I need you the most.
I wish to hold your hand and breathe you in,
I wish to know your scent, your touch, your presence.
I wish to know your patterns and routines, I wish to expect your unexpected,
I wish to hold a collection of your secret delights and pull them out of my hat when you feel a little down,
I want to chase you through warm waves in golden sunshine, roll with you on yellow leaves falling like confetti, I want to spend long, dark nights in front of a fire with you and greet the new green growing with our love intense and bold.
I want to know your thoughts, your feelings, your treasures and frivolities, I want to share your dreams, desires, disappointments and triumphs, I want to know where you’ve been and where you are going, I want to know where you’ve been hurt, what you are struggling with, from where you derive your strength, I want to know what makes you cry, both from joy and from pain.
I want to know your body, I want to touch each scar, every line on your face, I want to feel your hair between my fingers, I want to feel the muscles on your back when you move, I want to be the focus
of your unbroken desire, and on a day such as today, be locked in your arms, needing no one but each other, to get lost in time…

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Is This The End

picture my own

The ways of the world and the flow of the stream directed where she would go,
yet felt something were missing, maybe a knowing she once had,
sorrow tinged instead her shadow, ‘til she detoured this one particular day.
Who knew she would end up here, away from the danger obedience teaches,
a long-held breath fading away her fears so she may dance,
and she dances with the fire, too close it would seem,
scatters all she has and everything she knows as ashes would blow in the wind,
she’s flown to the waters’ edge where the waves roll with the cries of the seagulls
and the mist kisses away her tears, she is now, she is here, she is home.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Rainy Day Thinking

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I let you in without reserve, eagerly, with open arms,
shared my thoughts, my body, my passions, my time,
I blended my space with elements to your liking, for your comfort,
crafted meals and conversations, created variations and deviations,
all this I give out of love for you,
potentially, you can destroy me, will you?

This is 55 word piece offering, in memory of an old friend, Galen Hayes.  Now Joy at Verse Escape is our host, so if you want to participate, head on over there.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The distant horizon is calling me

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You touched me with fingers educing a reaction from an uncharted fountain,
quelled hesitation by feeding a thirst I didn’t know I had,
a hunger from sources far older than my days walking this earth,
exposing pure desire raw with the thrill of unfurling nameless destinations,
I'm captured by the intake of your breath as you delve with me
into unknown, unexplored, indistinct horizons I am averse to denying.