Saturday, January 13, 2018


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Time is but a fleeting image of our perceptions
dancing before our eyes and over our skin,
feeding our emotions and senses.
It is the giver of light and darkness
imparting the reality of our imaginings and erudition,
soothing one moment, drawing blood the next.
Time marks our skin with regrets and realisations,
the physical manifestation of the roads we've chosen, the breaths we have taken,
the beings we’ve touched, shared our soul and body with,
time keeps on giving, until one moment, then it’s gone...

Friday, January 5, 2018

55 The Universe in your Eyes

picture my own


He had nothing to give but himself, and it was enough,
the infectious joy in a pursuit of feeling it all.
I’d gaze into his eyes, drink in the freedom he offered,
taking the love he poured through me
and I’m dazed by his spirit now living in me,
how can I let him go?

This is 55 word piece offering, in remembering an old friend, Galen Hayes, now hosted by Joy at Verse Escape so if you want to participate, head on over there.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I call on you

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This Full Moon's night I call on you,
grace me with your presence,
dance with me in the forest aglow
and show me, please, your way.
I have felt your touch
on dark, dark nights,
when you comforted me, held me close,
to you I’ll relinquish my self,
with you I need no reason
as you have told me all I need to know
and I know you are what I need
to breathe freely, live fully, love deeply,
I call on you this Full Moon's night.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Water calling Water

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The grey waves rolling, bubbling, drawing me in, hypnotising my senses,
the wind a thousand fingers stoking my skin, hands trailing over every curve, every rise,
the sand swirling around my feet a dizzying dance of elation,
washing away every burden and every sin,
gifting me with the momentary innocence of a child,
the oceans roars through me, water calling water……

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The world in your mind

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When the hell in your head is too much to bear,
there is the world in your mind into which you can escape,
here you can create a space of your own, where you are in control,
where you are accepted, where you can find your breath.
In this world you can colour things your shade of darkness,
fill the shadows with monsters of your own design
and write the route to their demise,
you can choose to fill this world with people of your choice,
give them scripts from your fingers flying across the keyboard,
you can shut out the unbearable pain that has no origin and no name,
and the passage of time brings no desperation and hopelessness,
you can live your way, on your terms, and dissatisfaction is simply edited out,
in this world you can find the peace you’re not destined to find in your waking life,
but be careful, you may be tempted to get lost in there…

Friday, December 8, 2017

55 03:00 8.12

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03:00 8.12
When I’m alone your face floats before my eyes,
there’s an ache on my skin where your touch has been,
why did you go, why did you leave such a sadness,
it’s only you, since I met you it’s only you who holds my heart,
who owns my soul, be with me now.

This is 55 word piece offering, in remembering an old friend, Galen Hayes, now hosted by Joy at Verse Escape so if you want to participate, head on over there.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Foggy images of the mind

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clouds flooding in from the southern divide,
a curtain of longing, of losses in time,
shreds of images stirring through grey waters
driven by a steady wind, shivers run across your skin,
and slowly the rain starts to fall, soft as a veil
drenching your soul with sorrow
as memories dance through you once more

Monday, November 20, 2017

A day as today

picture my own

I wish for everyone a day as today, as was yesterday, as I hope for tomorrow,
a day where time loses its importance and you’re in tune with the rhythm of your soul,
this is freedom, ultimate peace, a schedule greatly your own,
in a clear space, secluded, by villagers presumed to be a transient stranger,
I’m an unknown, invisible, I’m at ease.  Here every day gifts me
with visions stealing my breath, awakens memories and feelings
bringing me to a halt, and I just drink it all in, breathe it in, smile,
be it days of pastel sunrises and golden sunsets,
or days shrouded in a cocoon of silver-grey clouds
in a mist as light as a kiss, each feeding, cleansing, clearing, rebuilding,
to the constantly changing, ever-present motion cast by the waves.
If not here, I will never find my direction, my path, realise my strengths,
reach the frequency written for me on the day I was born,
a recipe from my forefathers, to live as me, to truly be free,
in trust, in truth, in love,